Metal Awning

Storefront awnings have many benefits. From enhancing the visibility of your business to expanding your business retail space, there are many reasons to install a storefront awning. It’s not always obvious the ways you could benefit from a storefront awning, so we put down the many reasons right here, so you can see those reasons for yourself.

Can Expand Retail or Seating Space

Depending on its size, the sidewalk in front of your store could be a viable seating space, or even a space for selling merchandise if you could protect it from the elements. A storefront awning makes that possible by creating a shaded covering to expand your business space.

For a restaurant or cafe, an awning creates space where customers can sit and eat, drink, and enjoy their meals. For a store that sells merchandise, like books or clothing, the awning creates a safe place to roll out a portable rack or shelf to sell goods. If your plan is to expand your retail or restaurant space with an awning, consider:

  • The width of the sidewalk – should be large enough to support the activity
  • The width of the awning – should be wide enough to provide reasonable shelter

Increases Visibility of Your Business

Your awning isn’t just protection from rain and wind, it’s also a big sign for your business. Of course, this means that you’ll want your business name or logo on your awning or very close to it. Is your business associated with certain colors or images? Use your awning to project those colors and images for the world to see.

Keeps the Elements Out

First and foremost, awnings are designed to keep the elements out of your storefront. While the rest of the world is being hit with rain, your store can be a shelter for passerbyers. As they seek coverage from rain, they’ll be able to look in your storefront window which could be just enough to bring them into your store.


Awnings are available in many colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. A good awning is fully customizable and can easily be matched to your building, the landscape around your building, and other features that are visible from your storefront.

Work with a professional signage company to ensure that your awning is functional as well as attractive. Choosing the right dimensions for your awning can be difficult, but working with an experienced signage company can help.

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