What began as ABC Mobile Marquee in the late 70’s, has become a successful booming business as ABC Signs, Incorporated more than 40 years later. Here’s our story.

Founder and owner, Cliff Meyer, started ABC Mobile Marquee back in 1978 as supplemental income for his family.  Working full time for a technology company and wanting to provide more for his family, he decided to purchase 10 mobile advertising signs and began renting them out. From 1978 to 1984 his inventory grew to over 70 rental signs. 

In 1986, Cliff lost his full-time job and was forced to decide whether to find another job or give the sign business a solid shot. ABC Mobile Marquee then became ABC Sign Company.  Working out of his garage for several years, he sold, manufactured, and installed everything by himself.  

In 1990, he moved into a small rental space close to home.  His wife, Donna, helped with the books and his oldest son, Tom, began working with him full-time after graduating college in 1991. The business continued to grow.

In 1992, Cliff was forced to move out of the rental space and find a new home for the business. This resulted in the purchase of a larger building in OTR.  The building was just a shell, but they managed to keep the business alive and build out the space.  That year, ABC Sign Company became ABC Signs, Incorporated. 

The building in OTR served our business needs for over 20 years as we continued to grow. Finally, in 2018, we relocated to a 20,000 sq ft building in Walnut Hills where we are currently located. The new building and larger space have allowed for many new business assets including a paint booth, routing table, laser welder, and several other tools that will allow us to complete more fabrication in house.

We have an incredible team, and several of our members have been with us for 10 years or more. Our staff is dedicated to making projects go as seamlessly as possible. We have a project manager to head up the projects, a dedicated design team, a permit specialist, and experienced install crews to cover the full project from start to finish.

Cliff and Tom have created a reputation based on honesty, quality and fairness. They strive to make everyone feel appreciated and treat them like they are part of the ABC family. We owe our business success to both of them for creating such a wonderful place to work where we can all extend the qualities of our reputation.