store front awningAwnings are a great way to give your storefront more visual interest. From promoting your business’ brand to offering sun protection to passerbys or customers, store awnings serve a variety of purposes. If you’ve been interested in installing an awning for your business, here are several items you should consider before making the investment:

Desired Design. Are you hoping to add your company logo to your awning or customize its color to reflect your branding? These are things you will need to consider when designing your ideal awning. Also, it is necessary to consider the awning’s material which may depend on the nature of your business and the climate in your city of operation. Take care with the design of your awning as it’ll become one of the focal points of your storefront.

Properly Sized. The size of an awning is also important in framing the storefront in a visually appealing way. You may just want the awnings above the windows or doors or you may want it to span over most of your storefront, over both windows and doors. An improperly sized awning could give the opposite effect of a clean and thoughtfully designed exterior of your business. Take the time to size right!

Flexible Functionality. Awnings are typically available as either fixed or retractable. Fixed or permanent awnings are always extracted, and they are often used to protect furniture or customers underneath from unfavorable weather and sun damage. Retractable awnings can be fully extended out to provide protection when needed, but when it’s not needed, you can often motorize it to close and store it away cleanly. Whichever option is best for your business is best!

Local Laws. Depending on your business’ building, local law may have ordinances in place to protect the historical value of your building. Be sure you or your awning installer are familiar with any regulations that may apply to your desired awning. And if you are renting your building, be sure to ask the building owner before you make any major decisions like awning installation.

The ABC Signs team sees a lot of value in awnings that are done right. If you need help with awning design or installation now or sometime in the future, you can depend on our team to do it right. Contact us today to get started on your awning needs.

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