Everyone has been driving down a street when suddenly a sign grabs your attention, but not in a good way. A font that is too small, too big, too narrow, or too distracting from the message will draw attention to your business in a negative way. As experts in sign design and installation, we have witnessed signs that are ruined by font choices.

Determining the effectiveness of your sign involves a few considerations! Here are some things to think about when it comes to your signage:

  1. Can someone read this in under 2 seconds? The average person is walking or driving quickly past your business, which means that you have less than two seconds to get your message across.
  2. How far away will my potential customers be when reading the sign? Often, people are looking at a sign from hundreds of feet away, so make sure the font is legible. This link leads to a chart that lays out the best letter height compared to the distance for best impact and maximum readable distance.
  3. Does my font match my brand? Many companies want a font that stands out, but that does not mean that the font needs to be incredibly “unique” or “fun”. A business sign represents you and your brand.
  4. Remember to check color compatibility. Too many business signs are difficult to read due to the chosen font color blending into the background of the sign. Choose contrasting colors.

If you’re unsure about what will work best for your business, contact ABC Signs! Our design experts will take through the process – step by step to get you the best and most effective sign for your business.