Why Custom Signage Is a Great Investment

Every business that will have people coming in and going, need a way to distinguish them from any other building or suite around them. This is where signage comes in. Signage is a way for people to find your business either through an exterior sign or, if you share a building with several other businesses, an interior sign. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of an attractive sign to bring in new customers and bring back old customers.

It is a Relatively Inexpensive Way to Market

Custom signage is considerably less expensive than the cost of buying advertisements or hiring a marketing agency to manage your business’ digital presence. However, these costs should still be considered as your business grows. Until that time comes, having a recognizable sign will do wonders in bringing customers into your business. The more customers, the higher your profits!

It Is an Effective Branding Tool

Beyond a signs practical use of indicating a business’ location, custom signs are a great way to build your brand. You have complete creative freedom to include your business’ logo and colors to personalize it. The more that people see the sign, the stronger their brand recognition will be when exposed to your logo and/or business colors. For example, the McDonald’s sign is globally recognized!

It Can Attract Impulsive Customers

Some customers can impulsively buy something for its visual appeal – this could be food, clothing, art, etc. This can also apply to entering a business due to finding the storefront or a sign to be attractive. You can strategically position your sign to attract more passersby to enter your business – more people will be intrigued than you may imagine.

It Gives the Customer More Control

Rather than appearing as a commercial ad or an ad on YouTube, signs are a subtle way to advertise. A potential customer has a choice in whether they want to glance at a business’ sign rather than the frustration that comes from an interrupted advertisement. Due to giving more control to the customer, there can be less negative thoughts associated with the appearance of a business’ sign, name, or logo.

For a custom sign or even just to better understand how ABC Signs can assist you with all of your signage needs, give us a call. We’d be honored to serve you.