The main objective of including signage related to COVID-19 is to inform your customers about what you as a business are doing to stop the spread. This could include your actions or plans, or it could even inform people about this disease and how it spreads. Many signs will display the signs and symptoms of the disease and ask customers to not enter their stores if they have one or more of these symptoms. All of these requirements are being put into place to be sure that as businesses open back up, the spread does not spark again. The benefit of informing your customers of the steps you are taking can make them feel more comfortable entering your place of business. It is important to follow the requirements made by the CDC for opening businesses back up.


What Should I Put on These Signs?

Some of the best things that you can put on your sign is any changes to your business that is new to how it was operating previously. Due to the virus, many companies have had to change their hours of operations or store structures to accommodate social distancing. It is also recommended to put on your COVID-19 signage the reasons why it is safe to use your products and be in your business location. Assuring customers that you are following the mandated requirements for re-opening can ease people’s minds about being a customer in your store.

If you are looking for ideas for your business, ABC Signs can help you stand out and inform your customers about the actions you are taking. We are all looking forward to being fully reopened and we believe that this is a way to help. Contact us today!