Ways to Advertise Your Local Business

Certain advertising techniques, such as commercials, can be an expensive endeavor that local businesses just don’t have the budget to afford. However, the heavy use of social media and search by consumers is amazing for local businesses – it’s virtually a free advertising tool! That’s not all – there are a plethora of other ways your business can advertise without breaking the bank. Here is how:

  • Post on Social Media. When advertising to the rising generation, it is important to use social media to some capacity. Make sure to include a variety of posts that highlight your business without seeming too focused on making a profit – this can be a turnoff for customers. Keep it light but informative!
  • Run a Referral Promotion. Referrals are a great way to expand your customer count and offering an incentive to your existing customer base is a strategic way to do this. This promotion could be as simple as a business discount or as big as an entry into a bigger prize drawing. The options are boundless!
  • Create Company Merchandise. Branded merchandise is not too expensive to create and the subtle advertising it provides is a great reminder to check out your business. This can be worn by employees and customers alike!
  • Be a Part of Your Community. As social responsibility becomes a greater expectation of a business by the consumer, it is important to consider your role in your community. It is not always possible to make a seemingly huge impact as a small business, but your role in the community will be sure to be noticed by locals. No action is too small!
  • Host an Event. Hosting an event does not always have to cost a lot and it can also be virtually anything you want it to be. If you don’t want to throw the event yourself, you could always partner with another business and use your business as the venue. This gets you the exposure without the commitment that comes with planning an event.
  • Invest in Your Signage. Your business’ sign is often the first thing customers see when they walk/drive by your business. Creating a sign that portrays your business effectively can be the difference between a customer walking past or walking into your establishment. Don’t underestimate this!

ABC Signs cares about your success as a local business owner. For those of you who are looking to invest in your signage, we’d be more than happy to assist. Contact us today!