Tips for Protecting Your Signage from Harsh Weather

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area experiences decently harsh winters every year. Winters often consist of harsh winds, snow, frost, ice, and even rain on the not-so-cold days. Fall is a great time to ensure your signage is ready for the extreme temperatures, while the weather is relatively mild soon. Tackle these tasks in the next couple of weeks to protect your signage:

  • Invest in high-quality signage. When purchasing signage, be sure to do your research and select one that fabricates signage in a quality facility with processes designed to create the best product possible. The better the quality of the signage, the more wear and tear it will be able to withstand.
  • Ensure proper installation. The longevity of exterior signage very much relies on solid installation. Wherever the signage is being placed, ensure that it’s mounted securely to withstand damaging wind speeds, the weight of ice, snow, and frost. Each of these natural elements can cause pieces of the signage to come loose, or worst-case scenario, for the entire sign to fall.

    For signage installed in the ground, it’s recommended for them to be installed below the frost line. The frost line is about 30” in the Cincinnati/NKY area. When the ground freezes around the base of ground signage, the sign structure can heave upwards, being pushed by the freezing ground below it. If you’ve passed by a mailbox that is visibly leaning, this is usually the cause of it.

  • Watch out for water buildup. In times of heavy rain or when a large amount of snow begins to thaw, keep an eye on water buildup in areas of your signage. Not only does stagnant water damage the material of your signage, but it can also add extra weight that weighs down the signage. For signage that is installed in soil or a monument-like base, direct water away from the base of the signage posts or use soil that drains well.
  • Store away. For the signage that is non-essential, like an A-frame or poster announcement, simply put away until the harsh weather passes. You can always return these signs back to their respective places.
  • Consider signage material. Signage made from aluminum or stainless steel will be better suited to last outside. These outdoor materials will make your life much easier when considering their practicality for all seasons. Consult with your signage company before fabrication to ensure you’re picking the best material for your signage application needs.

    Sign faces made from plastic material get visibly old, causing them to become brittle. If used as exterior signage, this wear is compounded as the cold accelerates the structural problems. Be wary of plastic materials that are labeled unbreakable, because more likely than not this is not the case. It will break upon impact.

  • Use your environment for your benefit. Depending on where your business is located, consider using trees, other buildings, walls, roofs, etc. to provide added protection for your signage. Ideally, place your signage in a spot with less exposure to the elements, but high visibility to passerbyers.

ABC Signs wants your signage to last. Our signage crew works consistently through the winter to ensure your signage is in tip-top shape. There are rarely any days that they’re unavailable. We’re happy to consult with you through the design, fabrication, and installation processes to ensure you’re getting signage that will last in the great outdoors – in every season. Contact us for professional signage help today.