Learn some tips and idea for better outdoor signage

When choosing your sign, you want to make sure that visibility is one of the top criterions that you pay attention to. If you’re a business that benefits from having customers see who you are, you will want to take into account what makes an effective outdoor sign.

If you’re in the market for a new sign and need help to better understand things like ‘how many words should I have on my sign’, ‘what size font should we use’, ‘what colors are best’, then you’ll want to continue reading? For more information on what makes an effective sign, visit our website or contact ABC Signs.

Wording Tips

Limited word count – effective signs should have a word limit. Too many words on a sign can be only distracting. Contact ABC Signs to see how many words you should have on your new sign.

Essential information only – the words on your sign should convey only what customers need to know. Examples include –

  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Slogan
  • Call to action

Write for a moving target – don’t lose sight of the fact that people will likely be reading your company’s sign from a moving vehicle. You wouldn’t want to lose customers because they are so busy trying to read all sorts of information about your business. Rule of thumb – keep it simple!

Design Tips

Brand consistency – your outdoor signage should reinforce your company’s brand identity.

Font considerations – emphasize keywords with strong type styles and larger letters.

Capitalization – signs done in all capitalized letters are harder to read. We recommend using title case for the content of your sign.

Color contrast – the colors you select should be consistent with your other branding efforts. They should also be legible and complemental to the background color within the sign.

Focal point – people tend to read left to right & top to bottom, so the focal point should generally be placed toward the upper left of the sign.

Placement Tips

Avoid obstructions – it’s important that customers have a clear line of sight to your sign. Check for the presence of power lines, trees, other companies signs – anything that might get in the way.

Lighting – While not technically a placement issue, the matter of whether or not your outdoor sign will be lit can have an impact on placement. Lighting is essential for businesses that are open at night, especially. Even those closed after dark can benefit from lighting. If your sign will be lit, consider access to electricity when making up your mind on where to place it.

If you need more advice when designing your sign, the sign experts at ABC Signs are here to serve you!

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