Manufacturing facilities are complex businesses that consistently have many wheels turning when it comes to business, safety, production, and security. Without proper signage, a manufacturing facility can become chaotic and unsafe. On top of safety and production, it is important for a facility to have visible signs that promote where the facility is, for deliveries and overall brand awareness.

Within one day, a person will see hundreds of signs but may not always pay attention to them. But in a manufacturing facility these signs are what keep the machine moving and production high.  All signs have a purpose, but signs within a facility can save lives. In fact, did you know that 4,383 workers in the US were killed on the job in 2012?

Signage in a manufacturing setting helps with not only safety but has many other purposes, such as:

To help with employee morale – by creating a safer workplace, people will look forward to coming into work.

Assist with productivity – visual signs are critical when it comes to manufacturing.

An increase in profitability – The increased productivity and lower costs related to workplace injuries and fatalities all lead to increased profitability.

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