Sign updates are not always clear when they should occur in the timeline of your business. Many exterior signs have unpredictable life spans that will depend on what material it’s made of, how harsh the weather has been, the strength of the UV rays, and more. Some businesses may get over a decade of time with their exterior signage, while others may only get a handful of years.

Conversely, indoor signage should last you indefinitely if it’s located in an area unaffected by UV rays, cleaned and maintained when necessary, with no extraneous events happening inside that could damage its integrity.

Now that that groundwork is laid out, it’s time to get to the reasons why your signage may need updating:

  • Visually looks damaged or old. This may seem obvious, but please update or repair your signage if it’s damaged. Not only can this be potentially dangerous to those passing by it, but it can also be perceived as unprofessional if your overall brand isn’t known to be more rugged.
  • Updates to your branding. With an update to your branding, which could include your logo, colors, font, it is recommended to change your signage accordingly. This will help your business to be visually congruent in the minds of your customers and employees. This is essential for brand recognition.
  • Information is incorrect. Wrong information is always extremely confusing to the person reading it. It’s absolutely essential to make sure the information displayed on your signage is accurate. Correct this immediately.
  • Current sign is ineffective. If your signage is not being effective in bringing customers into your business or displaying information, it’s time for a bit of finesse. Update the overall appearance of your signage to better attract the eyes of your customers. You can do it!
  • Information is hard to read/see. Increasing visibility and/or size will be a great way to ensure others can actually read or see the contents of your signage. Signage is not worth having if others can’t resonate with it at all.

We hope you have a better idea of whether your signage is in need of updating. Don’t neglect to spend some money and time making sure your signage is effective and seen. Signage is so important to get your business and brand seen by others. ABC Signs is here and equipped for any signage updates you may be interested in. Never hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help!