Another year of business for you? First off – congratulations! This is certainly not an easy feat to accomplish.

As the years compound, more time will pass inevitably. Before you know it, you’ll have had your facilities or business space for five years, a full decade, or even longer! You’ll likely begin to see signs of aging inside your facilities and on the exterior too, including your signage. A business’s appearance can be a very important motivator to potential customers to try out a new business. It’s worth keeping a lookout for these signs to evaluate whether your signage needs repairs to better contribute to a welcoming business environment:

  • Peeling paint or laminate
  • Fading color(s) or graphic(s)
  • Leaning letter(s)
  • Busted light(s)
  • Weather damage
  • Improper installation
  • Visible dirt and grime

Sign safety is very important during repairs. Although you may be able to address several of the items above, you may want to consider consulting with a signage company that you trust. They will often have tools and a properly trained team that allows for safe and efficient repairs.

ABC Signs would be more than happy to take on the responsibility of your signage repair. We have a great team that would be sure to perform the repair safely and efficiently. Please contact us for assistance today.