Appealing signs are an integral part of our branding strategy and especially our customers branding strategies. A crucial component is an understanding of how the psychology of color influences people. Since 80% of the information we process starts with what is seen, the importance of proper color schemes can’t be underestimated as they initiate responses that provide a sense of stability and comfort.

The year is marked by a move away from neutrals and a bigger focus on brighter, bolder colors. Palettes of pink, orange, yellow, blue and red are well-liked, but the “Pantone Color of the Year,” for 2018 is Ultra Violet. Purples have long been a symbol of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic taste.

According to the research summary, “Impact of Color in Marketing,” researchers report that up to 90% of quick judgments about products or services are based on color alone (depending on the product of course). Another report, “The Interactive Effects of Colors,” examined the relationship between brands and found that color hinges on a perception of appropriateness of the color used by a particular brand. In other words, choosing the right color combinations for promotional materials and signage can increase sales and keep a company ahead of their competition when chosen correctly!

For example, most fast-food restaurants are decorated with bright reds and oranges; colors that encourage a person to eat quickly and leave – exactly why they exist to begin with. On the other hand, luxurious brands favor softer colors that appear more sophisticated and encourage a patron to linger and order more drinks.

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