In your daily life, you probably don’t think twice about the many signs you see. But there are safety signs everywhere: roadways, construction zones, even in your local parks! To us, these excessive signs seem arbitrary. But always remember that these signs could mean the difference between life and death to children, adults and non-native English speakers, just as an example!

Shapes and colors can tell you a lot about what kind of sign you’re dealing with. Here are some of the most popular and what they mean:


Triangle: Triangular signs indicate that you should use caution. They symbolize potential and definite hazards. Ex: toxic gas/electric shock

Circle: Circular signs indicate mandatory actions. They represent something you must do. Ex: safety goggles/hard hats

Rectangle/Square: Rectangular/square signs show general and emergency information. Ex: first aid/firefighting

Circle with slash: A circle with a slash on it diagonally indicates forbidden actions. Ex: no climbing/no entry


Red: Red signs indicate areas dedicated to emergency materials. Ex: firefighting equipment

Yellow: Yellow signs make workers aware of hazards and urge them to take caution. Ex: hazardous area

Blue: Blue signs indicate a specific action. Ex: wear protective gear in this area

Green: Green signs designate the location of emergency equipment. Ex: first aid

We hope this helped inform you about the importance of signs & their little-known meanings. Make sure to share with your friends and family! If you are interested in learning more about how safety signs and other signage can help your business, contact us!