Images and Print

Many restaurant names give the consumers a general idea of what to expect within their restaurant. For example, most Italian restaurants can be distinguishable from other styles of cuisine just by their name. It can be important to give your customers additional cues if your restaurant’s name does not give your customers a clear idea of what type of food to expect. Some ways to give your customers clear cues is by adding visual aids or the type of font that you use. Adding an icon of the style of food that you offer can go a long way. In addition, the font style that you use can represent the atmosphere and style of your restaurant. In most cases, the style and font of your restaurant’s name can give insight to the customers about what kind of spot it is. Is it bright, cozy, or even a place for a date? There is a lot that can be told just from the images and typography of your restaurant’s sign.

Be Unique

A sign that is distinguishable and sets your restaurant apart from the nearby competition can jumpstart your business. A great way to do this is to look at your competitors’ signs. What are their strategies? You may see that there is a recurring theme for the style of cuisine. Take note of essential parts of the theme. You do not want to create a design that makes yourself indistinguishable from the style of restaurant that you are. Subtle and unique differences are a great way to seperate yourself from the competition.

Your restaurant signage is one of the most basic ways to market your restaurant, but it is one of the most important and effective ways as well. If you do this correctly, you will set yourself apart and continue to attract new customers. Contact ABC Signs if you are looking to create your restaurant sign or redesign a previous sign. We are here to help through the whole process!