So, it’s come time to rebrand your business. Maybe you’re trying to encapsulate a new target market. Or maybe your company message doesn’t align with the design of your sign. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things to determine during the process of rebranding, and the changing color schemes, logos, and window displays that come with it. What approach do you want to take to rebranding your business’ signage?

New message

Altering your message can help appeal to a broader target market, or hit a consumer group you weren’t hitting previously. Who you are and what your brand stands for is subject to change in the world of an ever-changing, fast-paced business cycle.

New design

Every brand hits this bump in the road at one point or another – change of your brand’s color scheme, fonts, and logo. It’s like a personal makeover for your company.

New strategy

Changing up your entire strategy can be just the refresh button your business needs. Many businesses, during the rebranding process, formulate an approach that hits today’s consumers.

Your rebranding begins with new signage. Both exterior signage and interior signage can be beneficial to switch up during the rebranding process. Exterior signage can go through changes such as color, design, and artwork. Meanwhile, interior signage should follow suit, making the necessary changes to the company name, logos, and window graphics.

Rebranding and all that comes with it can be intimidating at first, but ABC Signs has the experience you need to help guide your business through this tumultuous rebranding process. Contact us today for help finding a simple plan that can spread your new message, design, or strategy effectively!