Five Reasons to Love Being a Small Business Owner

Have you always wanted to be a small business owner, but you’re just not sure it’s worth it? There are a variety of reasons that you need to consider such as the cost of startup, the competitiveness of your product or service, elements of branding, and much more.

As a small business ourselves, ABC Signs is an advocate for new local businesses if the owners are able to support the costs and offer a benefit to others. We feel this way because there are several amazing reasons to love owning a small business and the benefits it can bring you and the community around you. Here are several of our favorite reasons to consider opening a small business:

Be Your Own Boss

If you find it especially difficult to work under others, becoming a business owner is a great way to become your own boss. However, being your own boss comes with great responsibility and discipline. And when you start adding other employees, you will need to be able to transition into a management position. Don’t like to lead? This may not be the right path for you.

Monetize Your Hobby or Passion

Creating your own business is a great way to take something you love and make money out of it. This can be a tricky balance for some, but others thrive because they are able to do something they love or are passionate about and make enough to live off of.

Unlocks Your Creativity

Coming up with your business name, niche, product/service ideas, and overall branding takes a lot of creativity. Your business will have its own persona and its discovery process will take a lot of time and effort, especially on the creativity side.

Chance to Support Your Community

New, successful local businesses bring more revenue into a community. Depending on your business’ popularity, you can also bring prestige and notoriety to your community with its success. There’s also a greater push to support local businesses which means you will likely have more support from your community too. Scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.

Get a Flexible Schedule

Depending on what niche your business would be in and how much help you have, you could have the potential for a flexible schedule. This may be harder to do in the first couple of years of your business, with startup madness, but it could certainly be your future.

When you’re ready to make your small business a reality with a real storefront or business building, ABC Signs is here to make your signage dreams happen. From the design to the fabrication to the installation, we’re here to support you and see your business come to life. Best of luck!