As the famous saying goes, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” Proper signage is of utmost importance to your business, although many companies give less value to – or even just flat out ignore – the sign outside of their establishment! Here are some of the main benefits of signage for your business:

Is extremely cost-effective

If you put into perspective how much profit your business is making from something as inexpensive as a sign, the benefits really start to become clear! Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers entered a store for the first time based on signs? We know, it seems insane how much proper signage can benefit your business!

Helps brand your business

Proper branding is one of the most important tools to really getting your business the customers & attraction it deserves. Branding helps you make a lasting and memorable impression on your customer – all while distinguishing yourself from your competitors and clarifying why you are the better choice. Having amazing signage can emphasize your value to the customer.

Advertises products/services you offer

To a customer that is just driving by, a “Mickey’s Salon and Spa” sign could be just the thing they need to remind them that they are overdue for a manicure! Your sign is almost like a salesperson-in-disguise to the customer. In fact, in a survey conducted by FedEx, 68% of people revealed that they bought a product after signage grabbed their attention. Designing and placing your sign so that is eye-catching and memorable can help attract new business to your establishment.

We hope this has helped you see that your sign is not something to overlook – it is something that a lot of thought should be placed into! Making sure to dedicate a strategy to the placement and design of your sign is very important. If proper signage is something your business needs, we can help. ABC Signs has over 40 years of

experience manufacturing and installing signs for our clients. Whether you need an advertising sign, retail signage or illuminated display, ABC Signs is a sign company that can do it all! Contact ABC Signs today for assistance!

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