The Rules of Signage

Whether you are a new business owner — or you’ve owned your business for years — it might be time to check out your current signage and ensure it is in line with your city’s signage regulations.

Let’s take a look at few different signage types for the City of Hamilton and the varying rules that apply to each. Note: Not all rules have been listed. For the extensive list, visit the City of Hamilton’s website.

Temporary Signs

  1. Temporary signs need to be registered with the City of Hamilton planning department before they are displayed.
  2. The temporary sign application is free.
  3. A temporary sign means the sign may be erected for a total of 90 days per lot per calendar year.
  4. Businesses are allowed one temporary sign no larger than 32 square feet.

Exempt Signs

  1. Not all signage requires approval from the City of Hamilton.
  2. Exempt signs include:
    • A window sign that covers no more than 25% of the total window area
    • Portable A-Frame/sandwich board signs/single or double-sided freestanding signs
  3. There are many more criteria to be met for the Portable A-Frame/sandwich board signs, all of which can be found in the City of Hamilton’s zoning regulations.

Permanent Signs

  1. Permanent signs do require approval from the City of Hamilton. Zoning approval will only be granted if your company submits an application. The application should contain the following information:
    • The location of all signage on site
    • Existing and planned buildings
    • Sidewalks, parking areas, & driveways
    • Elevation plans drawn to scale
    • Clearance above the surrounding grade
    • Sign dimensions, copy/graphics, and colors/materials

Receiving a letter from your city’s zoning ordinance can be an intimidating situation. Don’t let your business get to this point! Read your city’s zoning regulations regarding signage before you regret anything. Contact ABC Signs today for any assistance with understanding your city’s zoning regulations & how we can get you squared away.