Is interior signage really that important? In short, it is. Of course there are more specific pieces of information that point to why this is the case. Interior signage is not only a sign for branding opportunities – it is an umbrella term for any type of display that is found in the interior of a building. Very broad, right? Some specific examples would be informational, directional, and identificational signage or, in simpler terms, display menus, maps, and more permanent room identification plaques. There are much, much more. Let’s get to the specifics of why interior signage is important!

Important for Providing Information

Imagine going into a fast food restaurant without a display menu in some capacity – ordering your food would be increasingly more difficult. Interior signs are crucial to providing relevant information to a number of people. It is also more cost effective than having to re-print informational pamphlets or menus.

Can Provide Directions

It can be extremely frustrating going into a building without a display of directions in the form of a map or simply room numbers. Businesses should not expect new customers to know their way around their facility. Lower their potential frustrations by providing them with a sufficient display of directions. You won’t regret it!

Enhances Your Brand

A more obvious use of interior signage is using it as a branding tool. This can aid your customers in creating a more seamless connection with your facility and business name. You can use the same font and colors as your company logo to make the connection even easier for your customers. The options are endless!

Livens Up the Space

A space that is nicely decorated can certainly improve the atmosphere of your facility. Customers will enjoy their time inside your business and gain a greater positive association with it. A happy buyer, a happy seller!

Allows You to Achieve ADA Compliance

Under federal law, there are signage requirements that are put in place to achieve ADA compliance. You need to keep this in mind when you build or purchase a building. Your business is necessitated to work with a specialized sign provider that is capable of fulfilling ADA regulations.

As you can see, the benefits of interior signage are quite numerous and definitely substantial. Lucky for you, ABC Signs develops many styles of indoor signs to suit a wide range of needs. We will bring your design to life, or assist you with creating artwork for interior signs for every purpose. Here are some examples of the signs we have done for our clients:

  • Advertising Signs
  • Business, Commercial Signs
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Retail Signs

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