Insight into the Signage Creation Process

A new business is a satisfying endeavor but definitely a labor of love. There are a variety of factors to consider and to address effectively before that opening day. Is signage for your new business one of the items to address on your agenda? However, are you unsure of where it fits in your planning? Not to worry! We will walk you through the major steps of the signage creation process in order for you to plan accordingly.

Discovery. The discovery process is important in finding a great match for your signage needs. If you can find a signage company that can design, fabricate, and install the finished signage, the overall process is simplified since you only have to do discovery once.

Quote Estimation. After contacting the signage company of your choice, you should receive a quote with an estimate of how much the entire process should cost you (that is if you find an all-in-one company.

Permit Documentation. Most jurisdictions do require a permit to put up a new sign or make changes to the existing sign, so it’s imperative to get the proper documentation in place.

Design. If you do not have a design already drawn out, a design team can bring your design to life. They should fully meet or exceed your expectations for your new signage.

Ongoing Communications. Throughout the entire creation process, the signage company should provide you with updates and a general timeline of when fabrication should be completed for installation.

Fabrication. The fabrication process will bring your design into a real-life sign that will be quite the statement for your business.

Installation. You’re almost to the end – hooray! After your sign is fabricated, it’s time for installation. When the sign is up and looking beautiful, you know that all of this was worth it.

Ensure Approvals. Take this time to ensure your permit has been processed completely and that all payments have been completed.

Now that you have a better understanding of the process that goes into finished signage, we hope that you might consider us in your discovery process. In addition to our design capabilities, ABC Signs also fabricates signs at our Cincinnati facility. We also do signage installation as well as future repairs. Contact us for a comprehensive signage creation experience.