Signage Placement

Whether you’re a new business or an existing business, signage installation and upkeep is very important. A new business has the advantage of transforming their space from a blank slate. However, it is never too late for an existing business to revamp their image with a renovated space and new signage. If you’re in either of these positions, pay heed to some of these tips when placing your signage.

Exterior Signage

Let’s start by evaluating how your signage can attract customers to your business. The design of your sign plays a huge part in this by visually attracting a passerbyer’s attention. This, in conjunction with where the signage is placed, can be the difference between a passersbyer walking away or entering your fine establishment.

The design of your sign should be representative of your brand. By integrating your brand into the sign’s design, your business will be presenting a consistent image to consumers. This builds better brand association between your brand and its consumers. An obvious placement would be on your business’ storefront. This sign should be placed above or beside the entrance that you would like customers to walk through. Not only does it direct customers to where they need to go, it presents your business with more opportunities for brand recognition – especially if your sign has been created to match your logo, fonts, and colors. Way to go!

Interior Signage

Many interior signs serve more as an informational tool than an integral component to your business’ brand. However, if you can bring your branding to your interior signs too, all the power to you. You’re absolutely ahead of the game!

Some examples of important information that should be included are your business hours, floor plan (directional signage) and business’ name. You may also want to invest in signage to provide pricing, advertise deals and promotions, display pictures – really anything your heart desires. When considering the placement of these signs, you need to consider where it would make the most sense to have them. For example, if you have a great special or promotion, you may want to display a promotional sign in the storefront window. When considering where to put a sign of your business hours, you would want it to be where customers can easily see it – and think of the font size so that folks in their cars can see it easily & quickly. You’ll do great with your placement if you keep this in mind.

We would love to help you in your signage journey. Please get in touch with us with help on your business’ signage design or placement.