When it comes to your business sign, you want to get a return on investment.  First impressions are everything.  Signs are one of the primary ways to communicate with the public, do you know if it’s worth it?  Below are the 3 ways to calculate the value of your business sign.

  1. Ask yourself, how many people is my current sign reaching? Knowing how many people (on average) a day is seeing your sign will help you calculate if your sign is adding value to your business.
    1. Tip: Check out this information from the Ohio Department of Transportation – Click on your county, then download the survey report. The far right column has the 24-hour average for vehicle traffic for a particular stretch of road.
  2. Compare your sign with your direct competitors. You should never copy the style and designs of competitors but look for the placement and size of industry leaders to see how you should be positioning your sign. A visible sign is a valuable sign.
  3. Ask yourself how many customers have stopped at the business because they saw the sign, and what percentage of their purchases is profit for the business. This is a direct way to calculate the direct value of your sign.
    • Tip: Just start asking politely asking, “What brings you here today?” and keep a little tally of people that bring up your sign. It’s also an easy icebreaker.

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