The weather in Greater Cincinnati can fluctuate greatly since we experience all four seasons each year. In the springtime, you can expect a lot of rainfall. With summer comes extreme heat and humidity as well as summer storms. And harsher winds come in the fall with the falling leaves too. Finally, winters can be very harsh with snowstorms and freezing temperatures. There’s a lot going on when it comes to the weather here.

For businesses in Greater Cincinnati, extra measures need to be taken to ensure your signage will stand the test of time. Here is what is happening when to your outdoor signage throughout the year:

  • Extreme Heat. Over time, extreme heat will cause your outdoor signage to get discolored from the sun. Not only will this happen, but you can also see signs of cracking where the heat is drying up the material, causing it to become brittle. Signage with lighting can also overheat to the point of failure.
  • Rain, Hail & Winds. Excessive rain can cause electrical shorts in signage with lights or digital signage. You can also expect holes and cracks to form on signage that is struck by a lot of hail. Intense winds that blow throw can also tear up signage, depending on its intensity and how well the signage was installed.
  • Snow, Cold, & Ice. If there is a lot of snow, this can cause extra weight to stack on your signage, weighing it down. Extreme drops in temperature can also crack signage that is made up of plastic, due to the extreme differences in temperature. Ice that forms on signage can leave scratches on its surface and damage any existing circuits.

Weather is often unpredictable, especially in climates like Cincinnati which experience four very distinct seasons. This is when hiring a signage expert for your climate is crucial. ABC Signs has been designing, fabricating, installing, and repairing signs in Greater Cincinnati for over 40 years now. You could say we’re experts of signage in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We love signage as much as we love Cincinnati! Don’t hesitate to contact ABC Signs with your signage needs and we’ll be in touch shortly.