Being in business for a decade or more is quite a feat, but the added years can make it difficult to see your business through fresh eyes. Now, more than ever, it’s time to strip away the old parts of your business and bring new life to it. Need some direction in just how to do so? These are a few favorite practices to prevent business stagnancy as the years add up:

Time to Rebrand.

If you’ve become tired of looking at your business’ logo, colors, website, packaging, etc., it may be time to completely rebrand your business. This can be as thorough as you’d like. From simply making a few color or font swaps to completely refreshing your logo, the power is yours. It would be good to let your customers know of this exciting upgrade since your branding elements become how they recognize you.

New Website.

Technology is always changing and your website is a great tool in the digital realm. Don’t hesitate to invest in a new website if you find that it’s visually outdated, new leads are declining, site security is lacking, the copy is old, or more. Websites are great tools to attract customers through search engines. If you don’t have a website at all, we highly recommend taking the time now to look into its benefits.

Building Renovations.

Have customers or employees that come to a physical location? Definitely consider interior and exterior renovations for a better customer experience and to improve employee morale. The flow and design of a space can very much improve the overall experience and interaction with your business. Don’t forget your exterior space with regular window cleaning, signage repair and cleaning, as well as decorating the storefront. Go even further with new signage altogether!

Customer Feedback.

If you’re unsure just how your business is doing on the customer front, take some time to ask for their feedback. Whether it’s an email campaign asking for feedback or you contact them directly asking for reviews, it’s great to get customer feedback however and whenever you can. Take this feedback and make changes to your business practices if they’re reasonable and attainable. And for the good reviews, add them to a website page dedicated to testimonials or see if video testimonials are a good option for your business.

ABC Signs is looking forward to how you will refresh your business. And if signage is a part of your exterior renovation process, please do not hesitate to contact our team. You got this!