Becoming a business owner is such a big accomplishment, and it’s so rewarding to see something you’ve built succeed. We strongly believe in setting your business up for success by investing in practices and products that help you to succeed – at the start. And with that in mind, here are five practices you can implement now to start saving on energy costs now and in the future:


Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit determines how much energy your business is using and often provides the entity with suggestions for improving energy efficiency. See if your energy company offers this as a free or low-cost service. A professional technician will visit your business to perform a full inspection that may include checking for air leaks, integrity or presence of insulation, areas that could benefit from energy-efficient lighting, and much more.

Program Thermostats

If your office is not 24/7, it’s important to program your thermostat to “off” or neutral temperatures when your employees are not in the office. Perhaps your office starts at 8 AM, you can have your thermostat set to turn on at 7 AM to get the temperature regulated before employees come in. And then turn off at 7 PM when few or no people are in the office. This is 12 hours of not running your HVAC at all or at a much lighter usage.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

When purchasing, or even renting, various office equipment and appliances, look to see if it’s ENERGY STAR certified. This means that this product has been evaluated by professionals and categorized as energy-efficient. From office imaging equipment to refrigerators in the break room, there are certainly many items to consider.

Engage Employees

This is a great initiative to inspire your employees to partake in. Educate and inspire employees to join in the cause through occasional workshops, upgraded equipment, encouragement, an award system, etc. This could be encouraging your employees to shut down their computers every day after work, turn off lights when they leave a room, wear extra layers of clothing on colder days, etc. Give them initiatives to make them want to join in the cause!

Switch to LED Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are here to save your day. An easy switch for your business’ interior/exterior lights AND signage is to swap out the incandescent light bulbs for the superior LED light. This will significantly lower your electricity usage. If you need more reasons to switch to LED illumination, we’ve got a great resource on just that.

If your business is looking to switch your signage to LED ones, don’t hesitate to contact ABC Signs with your needs. Very few things make us as happy as seeing brightly lit LED signs promoting your wonderful business.