Opening new businesses and franchisees can take months or even years of planning to become a concrete place to visit and purchase from. With signage being an integral part of identifying a business with a physical location, it is important to make sure you’re choosing a company that you can trust to do an excellent job. This is certainly something you do not want to overlook.


Here are our top five questions you should ask before prtnering with a signage company:

Can you design signage in-house?

Depending on whether you have a design in mind or need assistance, this may be more or less important to you. However, this added service is a nice touch for signage companies because it means the customer will not need to be in direct contact with additional businesses that are involved in the signage. Business owners are busy enough!

Do you handle the permit services involved with signage?

With most jurisdictions requiring a permit to put up a new sign or make changes to the existing sign, permit services are so important. Going back to saving the customer time, it is nice when a signage company has the resources and knowledge to deal with the permit details.

Can I see or visit some of your past signage work?

Seeing and visiting different signs that the company has worked for can help you to gauge the quality of not only the sign itself but also its installation. You want to make sure you’re investing in signage this has been made to last.

Is your team insured and trained properly for installation and maintenance?

To avoid potential liability claims, it’s important to work with a signage company that is fully insured. Their team should be properly trained for the job, with safety being the top priority. Bonus points for those signage companies whose crews receive OSHA safety training and are compliant with the appropriate OSHA standards and guidelines.

Is your work warranted?

In the case of the work not being exactly how you want it or a faulty part of your signage, you will likely want a warranty to back up your investment. When a company is willing to extend a warranty for a duration of time, it shows that they are dedicated to delivering a quality product or service.

We hope that this was able to shed some light on major factors that should be considered when selecting a signage partner. We’ve actually answered all of these questions on our FAQ page and website. Please let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance in any way. ABC Signs is here to fully serve you and your business!