There are few things more satisfying than watching layers of grime and dust being wiped away to reveal a beautiful sign… at least to us, here at ABC Signs.

We advocate for proper signage maintenance from the beginning of a sign’s lifespan. The better it’s taken care of – from the start – the longer your signage will last. That’s why we want to provide you with a few dos and don’ts before you start your signage cleaning journey (hopefully for years to come).


  • Deep clean and dust seasonally
  • Remove any extra parts (frames, hardware, paper, panels, etc.) to ensure a deeper clean
  • Read cleaning solution ingredients to ensure that it’s safe to use on your signage’s substrate
    • Consider a solution that contains a protective wax (like car shampoo) for exterior signage
    • Your interior signage can likely be cleaned with a mild soap mixture (dish soap mixed with water) to get rid of excess residue
  • Use a clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth or even a soft duster
  • Take extra measures to keep your signage dry in more humid climates or office spaces
  • Be extremely careful if signage is located above standing height
    • Follow the ladder or lift instructions closely
  • Work in sections and take your time – no huge rush


  • Leave any moisture on your signage – no air drying
    • Including the cleaning solution
  • Scrub areas roughly, especially on raised lettering, numbers, or symbols
  • Use rubbing alcohol or super harsh cleaning agents
  • Use rough abrasive scrubbers, cloths, razor blades, etc.
  • Clean with a cloth that already has a cleaning solution on it
    • Could cause an undesired chemical reaction
  • Rush to complete the signage cleaning
    • May end up doing more harm than good

Keep in mind that signs will inevitably show signs of wear when exposed to direct sunlight, extreme weather, and time in general. Regular signage cleaning and maintenance will only increase its longevity, not make it ageless.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance in any way. ABC Signs is here to fully serve you and your business!