Digital electronic signs and message centers have become a popular sign choice because they offer an attention-getting sign with advertising capabilities. Since the visual display is constantly changing, electronic message center signs are always noticed, compared to static signs that can get lost in the landscape over time.

Traditionally, the choice for a sign with messaging capabilities has been a manual-change copy sign. Digital electronic signs are preferable because they do not require on-site labor to change the message, and changing messages can appear within the same sign area.

While digital electric signs are an effective sign option and surprisingly affordable, there are special considerations involved with installing these types of signs. 

Digital Electronic Sign & Message Center Municipal Requirements 

It is not uncommon for municipalities to receive complaints from drivers and residents that digital electronic signs and message centers are excessively bright and intrusive, and are thought to cause a distraction to drivers. Each locality will have established codes and regulations to address concerns about public safety, welfare and community, while allowing businesses and organizations reasonable freedom to create their signage.

For example, according to the city of Cincinnati’s Zoning Code Maintenance Ordinance, “electronic or digital display unit message boards shall have installed ambient light monitors and shall at all times allow such monitors to automatically adjust the brightness level of the electronic board based on ambient light conditions.” 

Because codes and regulations vary from area to area, it is very important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable sign company, to ensure your digital electronic sign investment is fully compliant.

ABC Signs is Your Local Source for a Worry-Free Sign Project

ABC Signs is a family-owned and operated company serving valued customers for over 40 years in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our successful reputation has been built on outstanding customer service and quality craftsmanship. We have been a member of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), a globally recognized, product safety testing and certification organization, since 1993. All of our digital electronic signs and message Centers carry the UL Mark, ensuring our signs meet the highest industry standards.

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