The Dangers of Improper Sign Safety When Conducting Sign Repair

Workplace safety should be an owner’s top priority. The owner should be the one to instill the importance of a safe work environment and the employees should follow suit. However, if this is not taken seriously by a business’ workers, they could hurt themselves and/or their customers. This is unacceptable.

Repairing and/or cleaning a sign can come with many dangers. Exterior signs can be especially tricky due to their size and exposure to the elements. Just think! The instructions for a ladder contain a sixteen point safety guide on how to use it safely. Imagine all the necessary precautions needed for every product that goes into making that sign work again or squeaky clean. It’s crazy to think about that!

Can Cause Physical Damage

Falling off of a ladder, conducting a repair incorrectly, or having the sign fall on you are some ways that improper sign repair safety precautions can cause physical damage to a human body. Depending on the severity of the injury, it could cause pain, disability, or even death.

Can Incur Monetary Loss

For injuries that occur in most traditional workplaces, there is a required worker’s compensation that a business has to pay out. Depending on the size of the business, this can be a substantial loss to the owner(s). Regardless of the size, a loss is a loss still. If a customer is injured, everyone who works for the business may experience a loss of income to compensate the customer. Neither of these are ideal so avoid improper safety all together.

Can Damage Reputation

A business’ notoriety can sometimes result in more business, but for the most part, it deters more customers from ever returning to its establishment. If the public is aware of a business being unsafe, they are less inclined to work there or go there for its services. If this goes on for long enough, a business will be unable to continue on. Don’t be a victim of something so easily avoidable.

Can Result In Going Out of Business

In extreme circumstances, if a business is unable to bounce-back from the monetary loss or damage to their reputation, they may go out of business. This circumstance is far from ideal situation. If only the necessary precautions were taken from the start.

Safety is not something to be overlooked or overstated. The saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry” holds a lot of weight. If you aren’t completely confident in making that sign repair or in simply cleaning your business’ sign, turn to ABC Signs. Don’t hesitate; your safety is important to us. Please call (513) 407-4367 or email us to get started!