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Rebranding can be an important and useful step in a dynamic marketing landscape. Redefining your brand at the right time can help you distinguish your brand identity and identify your target audience. Rebranding done right can also help make your business successful in a competitive environment, and can even help propel your business to the forefront of the market. If you’re thinking about rebranding your business, there’s much to know and consider before taking that next step.

Understanding Rebranding

Why rebrand at all? Rebranding can be a helpful step if your business is underperforming in your industry. Some reasons to consider rebranding:
Your business model has changed. Maybe you had a successful brand when your business began, but times (and your products or services) have changed. Rebranding alerts customers to the change and can help draw new customers to your business.

Your business needs to be distinguished from other similar businesses. When your business seems too similar to other businesses, rebranding can help your business stand out. Rebranding can also draw attention to your business which can ultimately generate new sales and new customer loyalty.
Your target customers have a negative perception of your brand. Market research will tell you whether your customers have a negative perception of your brand. If they do, rebranding can help bring customers back to a more positive perception.

Cost of Rebranding

Rebranding can be very costly, so it’s important to know these costs before starting your rebranding process. Make a budget for marketing, reprinting or remaking signs, business cards, advertising, website redesign, and more. Work with marketing and branding experts who can help you create a budget that works.

What Needs to Change When Rebranding?

When you’re rebranding, you’ll be changing the following:

  • Product packaging. Usually, rebranding involves changing more than just the colors of your product packaging. Changing the shape, font, and other elements of the packaging can help realign your brand with the packaging that your products come in.
  • Website. Collaborate with web design experts to create a website that works with your new brand. This could mean more than changing your new logo but a new website design entirely. Customers should perceive your new website as easier to use, better for shopping or more informative, depending on your services.
  • Signage and graphics. Signage and graphics are pivotal rebranding elements, driving customer traffic. Quality signage evokes emotions and strengthens brand perception. As soon as your new brand is unveiled, have your new signs ready to go up. Change signage and graphics throughout your stores, not just in the front. Remember that your brand is everywhere, and your customers must perceive your brand change as complete.

Rebranding Your Business? Work With a Signage Team You Trust.

If this is the right time for rebranding your business, work with a team of signage experts you can trust. Call ABC Signs in Cincinnati, Ohio to get started with your signage redesign products today.

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