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Your business relies on good signs to help sell your products and attract customers. To do this, signs must be readable, visible, competitive with other signs, interesting to look at, and well-branded. If you’re a business in need of a sign, work with the experts to create a sign that will attract customers and enhance your business needs.

1. Readability

Whether they’re walking through a mall or driving by at 35 miles per hour, it’s common for people to be moving when they’re looking at signs. Regardless of how fast they’re moving, the sign needs to be readable to passerbyers. Proper sizing helps with readability and the actual font is important as well. Simple sans serif fonts are easier to read, while curly or serif fonts can be more difficult to read. Choose your font (and its size) carefully to ensure that people can read your sign easily, especially at a glance.

2. Visibility

A good sign is visible from a distance. Whether you’re looking at the sign from across the mall or across a large parking lot, a visible sign is an effective sign. Again, size plays a big role in a sign’s visibility. Contrasting colors can help as well.

Your sign designer can help you create a sign that is visible, but it’s also important to choose the right location. Place your sign in a location where it won’t be hidden by tall structures or other signs. View the location where the sign will go from many angles, to ensure it will reach the audience you intend the sign to reach.

3. Competitive

Often, signs compete with each other to attract customers. If your sign is located in a shopping center with many other businesses, your sign must be capable of standing out and being noticed – even among other signs in the area.
Use colors and a style that is distinctive from other signs in the area. It may be helpful to take pictures of the area where the sign will be located, to show the designer what the area looks like before the sign is created. This will help your sign designer create a sign that is distinctive and noticeable.

4. Interesting

A visually interesting sign is far more likely to attract attention. This may mean using attractive graphics and a unique but readable font. Keep in mind that visually interesting does not mean visually cluttered. A cluttered sign can be hard to read. If your sign includes graphics, like an image or drawing, keep it simple.

5. Branding

Your sign represents your business. Using recognizable branding helps reinforce the purpose of your sign and helps reinforce your business’ brand at the same time.

Use clear branding for your sign. This may mean including your business logo or colors that are associated with your business. Share this information with the designer who creates your sign, so they can brand your sign properly during the design process.

Create a Beautiful Sign With the Professionals

ABC Signs, located in Cincinnati OH, knows how to create signs with all 5 traits listed above. Contact us today to learn more about making an attractive, quality sign for your business.

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