As you already know, first impressions are everything. Business signage allows you to communicate with the public and put yourself out there! Customers learn about your business, make purchasing decisions, and finally evaluate your products and services based on your signage and storefront presentation.

Simply put, signs are the face of your business! Below are four surprising facts and statistics about business signage you probably didn’t already know about.

About 67% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on an eye-catching sign. Yep, we told you! Signs really do work and people respond to them too. This is why it’s so important to catch the attention of various passerby and get them noticing your business.

Over 50% of consumers claim poor signage dissuades them from entering a business storefront. Have you considered asking others what they think of your business signage? Turns out, others’ opinions really do matter here. If you think your sign is missing the mark, we highly recommend pursuing new business signage options to attract new customers.

Signs attract nearly 50% of a startup’s new business. Are you a startup and looking to gain more foot traffic? The secret is business signage. A sign is an easy and effective way to get your business noticed by people around you.

Over 80% of business owners that purchased LED signs saw an increase in sales. Yes, digital signage is both visually appealing and intriguing. LED signs are an easy and effective strategy when it comes to standing out and getting detected by potential customers. LED signs drive impulse stops!

Whether you are looking to rebrand your business, increase foot traffic, or wanting a boost in sales, strong business signage can do all of this for you. ABC Signs offers a wide range of services including custom sign design, fabrication, installation services, and more. We are proud to serve the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas! Contact our team today and grow your business.