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Effective Sign Design

Your sign will be one of the first impressions that your prospective customers will have of your business. It is essential that your sign is effective and conveys the right image. An effectively designed sign should be:

A Visible Sign

Visibility is a critical factor in the effectiveness of your sign. Determine what the average viewing distance will be for your sign. Your sign should be easy to read and clearly distinguishable from the environment in which it is located. If you have issues such as inadequate space for large enough letters, remember that the elements of contrast and color can improve visibility and help viewers notice your sign and message.

A Readable Sign

Your sign should be designed in a way that quickly communicates your message. Emphasize keywords with strong typestyles and larger letters. Ideas should be organized intuitively with appropriate spacing. Graphic design elements can be used to promote fast recognition and awareness in communicating your message.

A Noticeable Sign

Consider your sign in the context of its environment. It should be highly noticeable amongst the distractions that may surround it. Contrast and color are important strategies to employ for this. The uniqueness of the design will also increase the likelihood that it will be noticed. For example, an unusual shape, relating to the establishment you are promoting, will get you noticed and convey an immediate message about your business.

A Legible Sign

A key factor in sign legibility is the typestyle used. Letters should be clearly distinguishable and easily interpreted. Many stylized typefaces are difficult to read, particularly at great viewing distances. Using trendy or artistic type fonts for sign text, other than as part of a logo, may give your sign a less professional look than a more traditional typestyle. Remember, you can always add creativity to your sign with graphic elements, shape, and color.

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Ron Heithaus, President - The TorMaxx Company

"These efforts…brought a multitude of complimentary comments from the attendees of our open house about not only the aesthetic look of the awning, but also the location identification, value it provides our customers… [The awning] served as one of the key highlights of the day, and in my opinion, helps convey the quality image we want to present to our customers."


Account Manager - Everbrite

"From April 1st, 2010, through September 2010, ABC Signs completed 4 projects for us and received a 100% evaluation rating. Our account managers noted that the installation was completed on time and to our satisfaction following our processes, procedures, and scope of work. Communication and responsiveness to phone calls, emails, etc. was rated excellent along with our overall satisfaction with ABC Signs."


Rhonda C. - Small Business Owner

“Thank you to you and your company for such a wonderful sign. We have had so many compliments. It tops off our new offices with style. The entire process went smoothly from how the logo could be made into a sign to the pleasant professionalism of the installers.” Rhonda C. Small Business Owner