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The Benefits of Quality Signage

Muenchens Furniture SignAre you shocked by those statistics? Did you realize that quality signage can bring you that much more business? We’re all about helping you expand your business and would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you on creating new signage for your brand. Let’s learn a few more stats when it comes to the benefits so you won’t second guess yourself before giving us a call!

Signs increase profits

  • Adding a large pole sign to your business can increase profits by 15.6%
  • If you replace a storefront wall sign with a larger sign, you could increase profits by 7.7%

What can signage do for you

  • Research shows that 84% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business
  • They see your sign 50-60 times a month
  • 17% of Best Buy’s walk-ins did so because of their signage

More impulse visitors

Did you know that having a business sign can actually increase the amount of shoppers that stop on impulse? For instance, a shopping center that has quality signage can increase their customer base by 35%

Get local exposure 

Do you know how customers know about a local business? 35% of customers know about a business because they saw it while passing by!

Now that you know how important quality signage is, give ABC Signs a call or visit our website for a FREE estimate.