Six Signage Mistakes to Avoid

Building secured? Check. Website built? Check. Signage made? Not yet. We’re glad you haven’t gotten to your signage quite yet. There are several, common mistakes that you should watch out for before tackling your business’ new signage. ABC Signs is here to help you avoid making those mistakes, especially when it comes to something as important as effective signage. Signage is an investment that is better made right the first time. Here are some mistakes to avoid when approaching your signage:

Poor contrast

Signage is made to look at and when the contrast is poor, it can be much more difficult to read the content on the sign. Keep in mind the color wheel and complementary colors when you design your signage, which is typically influenced by your brand’s logo. A thoughtful and visually pleasing logo will make your signage design a breeze.

Illegible font

Going back to signage being very visual, an illegible font will lend you no favors. Stick with a classic, readable font that is not too out of this world. An unreadable sign will make it more difficult for passerbyers to take notice of your business and remember its name.

Complex art design

Detailed signage with complex art pieces may sound like a great idea, but we caution you against this. Signage with busy designs can make it much harder to read the most important part of the sign – the text itself. Keep things simple and easier for yourself by keeping the focus on the text.

Ineffective visibility

Consider negative space when placing individual letters to create a well-balanced sign that has visual appeal. Letter visibility is also incredibly important when it comes to signage. There are many charts that will help you determine the desired minimum letter height to viewing distance ratio. The farther the viewing distance, the larger the letters should be.

Wrong material

The signage material used for fabrication is where the real cost can add up. However, it’s not always the smartest choice to pick out the most expensive material that a signage company offers. Don’t pay the premium if your business doesn’t need it for appearances. Find the right quality for your needs, considering the weather patterns in your area. Different climates call for different materials.

Improper installation

When it comes to installation, it’s important to install signage correctly and securely. A small mistake could be installing a letter backwards or even upside down. To avoid this, your signage company should have a template on hand to make sure the placement is just right. A bigger mistake may be improperly installing the signage, where letters may become loose or fall off. The right installation technique and properly chosen material will help increase your signage’s longevity.

Now that you know what common mistakes to avoid in your signage journey, we hope that you can successfully avoid making them. ABC Signs is also here to help you more directly if you need assistance in any of the stages of securing your signage – from its design to ongoing maintenance after installation. Contact us today!