ABC Signs knows that quality business signage is a big investment! Not only does it represent who and what you are, it also is a major way to attract new customers & prospects.

If your sign is needing some TLC, ABC Signs can help! We have a solid reputation for providing unmatched maintenance and service in the following areas:

  • Sign repair
  • Sign maintenance
  • Sign and lighting repair
  • Sign install
  • LED replacement
  • Sign service
  • Sign refurbish
  • Lighting upgrade

There are also a variety of preventative maintenance tips we recommend to help your sign last between its cleaning & maintenance intervals. Read our top ways to care for your signs so that they last for years to come.

Keep Sprinklers at a Distance

Did you know that hard water from your sprinkler system can damage your outdoor signs? The water that keeps your lawn nice & green often contains minerals that can leave rust-colored stains on your signage.

To avoid this, point sprinkler heads away from signage, or make sure your signs are placed in an area far from your lawn sprinklers.

Trim Nearby Trees

A common cause of damage to outdoor signs can be because of trees and even rain! Trees that hang over signs are the perfect channels for rainwater. The rain running off the branches and leaves carries dirt and pollen along with it. When this water drips and runs over your signs, it will leave behind residue and stains.

To prevent this from happening, keep trees and bushes trimmed back from your signage.

Add Mulch Beds

The spring season is upon us soon and it’s the perfect time to consider adding a mulch bed to the base of your sign (if you have a monument sign that is!). Not only does it improve the look of your signage, it will also prevent landscaping crews from getting too close to your signs while tending the lawn. We can’t tell you how many signs have had weed whacker and mower incidences!

Get Into a Cleaning Rhythm

Grounds maintenance tips can only go so far, especially if your sign is on your building or if you have an electronic message center that’s high up in the sky. Contact ABC Signs TODAY to get on a regular cleaning schedule. Inadequately maintained signs can poorly impact your company’s brand, your employees and your community. It is critical that signs be well lit and free from cracks and debris.

Schedule your sign maintenance appointment, now!