Nothing is more annoying to a potential customer than confusing signage. In our minds, confusing branding & signage basically equal a lack of new customers. Running a small business can be confusing in and of itself, so ABC Signs wants to make at least one path clear for you & that’s your signage.

Check out our top tips to ensure that your business signage isn’t confusing to your customers. By choosing us, you’ll know that we’ve considered every variable when creating your sign and we’re here to help get you more customers. Simple as that.

Keep It Simple

This is really just an old adage. Keeping most things simple is the way to go & that especially holds true with business signage. Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to signage. Let’s use the exterior sign as an example…. The only goal of an exterior sign (when designed to drive sales) is to get customers in the door. If there are too many graphics, wacky fonts or super confusing terminology, your customers will quickly become confused.

Stay on track with your wording & make sure your design is eye-catching for the right reasons.

Sizing Is Key

Business signage can take on a variety of looks, but in general terms, you can think of them as ultra-short newspaper articles…

  • You’ve got a title (in larger font)
  • You’ve got the subheading (smaller font)
  • And then you’ve got the conclusion or call to action.

Ensure all the information posted on your sign is accurate. And don’t forget to take down outdated signage or make sure current sales are posted in easy view of customers.

Always Include a Call to Action

If your business is driven by passerby’s and getting ‘seen’, it’s really important that you present calls-to-action on your signage. Whether it’s your phone number, website, or even a phrase like ‘Join us’, CTA’s are key.

Make Upkeep a Priority

Missing letters, smeared text or an old sign can create an unfortunate situation for business owners. It may confuse customers for one, but it can also leave an unprofessional impression of the business.

Make sure your signs are not worn out & are updated on the regular. ABC Signs offers unmatched maintenance and service to our customer’s signage. Whether you’re needing an LED replacement, a lighting upgrade or refurbishing, we have you covered. Visit us online to schedule your next sign repair.

Confusing signs can lead to a drop in sales and a bad brand reputation. If you’re not sure how to design the best sign for your company, contact ABC Signs. ABC Signs designs, fabricates, installs and maintains signage so we can be your one-stop shop. Proudly serving the tri-state for the last 40 years. Give us a call to learn more.