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Tips for Developing Your 2017 Sales & Marketing Strategy

Every year brings new opportunities! It’s great to be able to start fresh year after year & head in a new and better direction than the last. Through signage, we’re able to help our customers market their business. But oftentimes it’s more than just signage, it’s the strategy behind the signage that counts. Let’s take a look at the top strategies that will not only help your business but will support your goals & aspirations in the New Year.

1. Budget for success

It’s not fun to shop if you don’t have money in your wallet, right!? So make sure you allocate enough money and folks to accomplish your goals for the year. If you have caviar dreams on a tuna fish budget, you’ll be disappointed. Dream big this year by developing a successful marketing budget – and that includes the time and money spent designing and promoting your signage.

2. Review your customer persona

Look at who your customers really are! Will your customers really enjoy a bright pink sign or are they more low-key and appreciate a black and white sign more? Developing your persona will not only help your marketing efforts, but it will also help serve your customer in the best way possible.

3. Review & organize your marketing collateral

Make sure that your printed & digital materials are written and designed to attract your ideal customers. Same goes for your signage. Is it attracting the right customer base? If you develop the right vision and consistency throughout, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well your company’s unique qualities shine through.

4. Track your progress

It’s important to set-up a defined list of metrics in the beginning in order to best measure success. What are you looking to gain with your new found strategy? What do you want to improve upon? If you’re able to answer the ‘what’s’, you’ll be able to easily track how much improvement you’ve seen over the last year. With signage, you’re able to easily track your successes – ‘are more people coming into your shop?’, ‘are you getting found more often in a sea of other signs and distractions?’, ‘are people remembering your signage & business name more often which results in more website traffic?’. All of these are measurable successes that your sign can bring to your business.

For more information regarding how ABC Signs can help your marketing goals in 2017 through signage, give us a call 513-241-8884! If you’re just getting started, download our FREE guide to attracting, even more, customers to your business.