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Sign Safety for Sign Repair

Safety, Safety, Safety… We’re a little obsessed with it… well maybe not this obsessed with it.

Some people like the option to clean up, spruce up, or upgrade their signs without us. All the same, we want you to be safe. So we thought we’d review with you some tips to take care of your sign and give you the proper instructions on how to do it, safely! We’ve seen some sticky situations when a ‘DIY King’ thought he was professional.

What you can do:

  • If it’s accessible with a ladder, you can clean it.
    • Don’t rent a bucket truck if you’ve never touched one before.
    • Be sure to read the instructions for your ladder! OSHA has a 16 point safety guide that could save your life.
  • Turn off the breaker before you open it up.
    • If you see any electrical issues, it really requires a professional!
  • Block off traffic properly and make sure pedestrians remain safe while repairs or installation occurs.
  • You can always call us too!
    • If your sign is leaning… call us!
    • If you don’t know what to do… call us!

What we can do:

  • All of our service personnel are OSHA trained with the proper tools and knowledge required to get the job done efficiently. So we can do pretty much anything with your sign safely.
  • We can block off traffic properly and safely for pedestrians or cars.
  • We can use all necessary equipment safely by OSHA standards. This includes:
    • Operating cranes
    • Operating cherry pickers
    • Using a ladder
  • We can safely repair the electrical system of signs from neon to LED. We have the experience and training needed for electrical work.
  • We can do it all with a hard hat on while following OSHA regulations at every turn.


ABC Sign takes safety very seriously and we want you to do the same. Think twice before working on your sign and never hesitate to call on a professional. If you are experiencing problems today, please contact us. We’ll be there to help you as soon as we can!

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Ron Heithaus, President - The TorMaxx Company

"These efforts…brought a multitude of complimentary comments from the attendees of our open house about not only the aesthetic look of the awning, but also the location identification, value it provides our customers… [The awning] served as one of the key highlights of the day, and in my opinion, helps convey the quality image we want to present to our customers."


Account Manager - Everbrite

"From April 1st, 2010, through September 2010, ABC Signs completed 4 projects for us and received a 100% evaluation rating. Our account managers noted that the installation was completed on time and to our satisfaction following our processes, procedures, and scope of work. Communication and responsiveness to phone calls, emails, etc. was rated excellent along with our overall satisfaction with ABC Signs."


Rhonda C. - Small Business Owner

“Thank you to you and your company for such a wonderful sign. We have had so many compliments. It tops off our new offices with style. The entire process went smoothly from how the logo could be made into a sign to the pleasant professionalism of the installers.” Rhonda C. Small Business Owner