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Effective Retail Signage: Best Practices and Design Tips for Retailers

When it comes to our business’ signage, your marketing efforts shouldn’t just stop at outdoor signage. Outdoor signage is what gets your potential customers through the door, but more is needed in order to gain a new sale! That’s where indoor signage comes into play!

When it comes to your indoor signage, let’s discuss what needs to be considered!

Concentrate on Communicating with Customers

The first goal of any signage is simple: communicate effectively with customers or prospective customers. If your sign isn’t clear or even legible, how would you expect to effectively communicate with your potential customers? We suggest thinking like a customer and being honest with your ideas is a great start. Consider what would attract you or others to your business. Be sure that your messages are clear & concise.

Find the Right Location

Whether it be indoor or outdoor retail signage, finding the right places to put signs is critical! Not only does a sign need to be visible, but it also needs help the customer make the desired action. Indoor signage should take into consideration things like foot traffic & even eye level. Placing signage close to products & visible locations that encourage sales are excellent choices.

Be Sure to Highlight Your Brand

Poor retail signage can actually hurt your business’s identity & overall success. Whether it’s about the colors, fonts or size of your sign, be sure that any signage you use matches the identity of your business as well as the meaning of the message you’re looking to convey. It’s vital that your signage is designed well and communicates professionalism!
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